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Thank You, June Examiners!

The American Board of Ophthalmology thanks the diplomates listed below for volunteering to examine candidates at the June 7-9 Oral Examination in Rosemont, IL. Examiners are diplomates selected by the ABO to help develop and administer the Oral Examination. Examiners are selected based on a strict ABO evaluation and a strong commitment to providing quality ophthalmic care. The ABO is grateful to the many current Examiners who assist in the examination process and who do so without compensation. The costs associated with preparing and administering a national standardized examination are high. For many years, to help offset these costs, the ABO has been the recipient of an extraordinary act of beneficence by hundreds of ophthalmologists throughout the country. Without this voluntary participation, the candidates' expenses would be considerably higher.


Aaron, Maria E.M. - Atlanta, GA

Adelman, Ron A. - Hamden, CT

Alabiad, Chrisfouad R. - Miami, FL

Anderson-Nelson, Susan J. - Wheaton, IL

Arrindell, Everton L. - Nashville, TN

Arun, Veena V. - Chicago, IL

Arzeno, George - San Juan, PR

Atluri, Prathima N. - Penn Valley, PA

Banta, James T. - Bend, OR

Barbe, Maria E. - Orwigsburg, PA

Barkmeier, Andrew J. - Rochester, MN

Beauchamp, Cynthia L. - Dallas, TX

Beebe, Walter E. - Dallas, TX

Beller, Richard A. - Napa, CA

Birnbach, Charles D. - Lake Forest Park, WA

Blodi, Christopher F. - Clive, IA

Boland, Michael V. - Cockeysville, MD

Bradford, J. David - Little Rock, AR

Bradford, Geoffrey E. - Morgantown, WV

Breit, Sean M. - Creve Coeur, MO

Brophey, Gregory J. - St. Albans, VT

Byrnes, Gordon A. - Clifton, VA

Capo, Hilda - Miami, FL

Capoor, Seema - Lexington, KY

Chang, Ta - Miami, FL

Chen, John J. - Rochester, MN

Cherney, Edward F. - Nashville, TN

Chopra, Vikas - Santa Monica, CA

Civantos, Joseph M. - Harvey, IL

Colby, Kathryn A. - Chicago, IL

Craven, E. Randy - Bethesda, MD

Cullom, Mary Ellen P. - Williamsburg, VA

Cunningham, Matthew A. - Longwood, FL

Dickson, James B. - Columbia, SC

Dille, Brice B. - Greer, SC

Driebe, William T. - Gainesville, FL

Dunn, James P. - Baltimore, MD

Edgington, Bryan D. - Portland, OR

Eiseman, Andrew S. - Mount Pleasant, SC

Eller, Andrew W. - Pittsburgh, PA

Eustis, H. Sprague - New Orleans, LA

Falardeau, Julie - Portland, OR

Feder, Robert S. - Chicago, IL

Fenzl, Thomas C. - Wooster, OH

Foster, William J - Springfield, PA

Fountain, Tamara R. - Northbrook, IL

Fox, Gregory M. - Shawnee Mission, KS

Francis, Courtney E. - Seattle, WA

Fredrick, Douglas R. - New York, NY

Galor, Anat - Miami, FL

Gappy, Christopher - Bloomfield Hills, MI

Goyal, Raj K. - Chicago, IL

Graul, Thomas A. - Lincoln, NE

Greenberg, Rachael A. - Highland Park, IL

Harper, C. Armitage - Austin, TX

Hausheer, Jean R. - Lawton, OK

Haynes, William L. - Asheville, NC

Huang, Andrew J.W. - St. Louis, MO

Hunt, Michael G. - Ft. Worth, TX

Iwamoto, Mami A. - Boston, MA

Jarrett, Anthony M. - La Crosse, WI

Jeyaraj, Vanitha I. - Novi, MI

John, Denise A. - Ann Arbor, MI

Johnson, Anthony P. - Greenville, SC

Joseph, Shannon S. - Ann Arbor, MI

Kerr, Natalie C. - Memphis, TN

Khalifa, Yousuf M. - Atlanta, GA

Khammar, Alexander J. - Chicago, IL

Kim, Brian Y. - Williston, VT

Kurz, Daryl E. - Arlington, VA

Lam, Byron L. - Miami, FL

Malinowski, Susan M. - Southfield, MI

Mares, Frank J. - Albuquerque, NM

McKinney, J. Kevin - Oregon City, OR

Merrill, Pauline T. - Oak Park, IL

Mills, Monte D. - Philadelphia, PA

Moore, Daniel B. - Lexington, KY

Morgan, Rebecca K. - Oklahoma City, OK

Myers, Thomas D. - Provo, UT

Netland, Peter A. - Charlottesville, VA

Newton, Catherine - Louisville, KY

Panarelli, Joseph F. - Scarsdale, NY

Panday, Vasudha A. - San Antonio, TX

Patel, Sanjay V. - Rochester, MN

Phillips, William B. - Clinton, MD

Potter, Heather A. - Madison, WI

Prum, Bruce E. - Charlottesville, VA

Rich, Leonard S. - Mobile, AL

Rojas, Mario - Brodhead, WI

Rolain, Mark A. - Sterling Heights, MI

Rosenfeld, Steven I. - Delray Beach, FL

Roth, Elena B. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Salim, Sarwat - Boston, MA

Savar, Aaron - Los Angeles, CA

Schachat, Andrew P. - Cleveland, OH

Schotthoefer, Erin O. - Huntersville, NC

Schultz, Jeffrey S. - Bronx, NY

Scruggs, Jennifer T. - Little Rock, AR

Sigler, Scott C. - Edmond, OK

Singh, Ravi S. J. - Leawood, KS

Smith, Wendy M. - Rochester, MN

Sohn, Elliott H. - Iowa City, IA

Solomon, Sharon D. - Baltimore, MD

Srikumaran, Divya - Ellicott City, MD

Stewart, Michael W. - Jacksonville, FL

Subramanian, Prem S. - Denver, CO

Thompson, John T. - Baltimore, MD

Thompson, Lisa S. - Gurnee, IL

Tsai, James C. - Scarsdale, NY

Tu, Daniel C. - Portland, OR

Van Gelder, Russell N. - Seattle, WA

van Kuijk, Fredericus J. - Minneapolis, MN

Vasamsetti, Anusha - Chicago, IL

Walker, Jonathan D. - Ft. Wayne, IN

Ward, Thomas P. - Farmington, CT

Weaver, Daniel T. - Billings, MT

Welch, John C. - Hastings, NE

Welcome, Brian A. - Greenville, SC

Wen, Angie En - New York, NY

Wendel, Lucas J. - Iowa City, IA

Werner, Mark A. - Delray beach, FL

Williams, Christopher A. - Upland, PA

Winges, Kimberly Mei - Portland, OR

Wirostko, William J. - Milwaukee, WI

Wong, Tien Pei - Houston, TX

Wroblewski, Keith J. - Laytonsville, MD

WuDunn, Darrell - Jacksonville, FL

Yen, Kimberly G. - Houston, TX

Young, Terri L. - Madison, WI

Yung, Chi-Wah Rudy - Indianapolis, IN

Zobal-Ratner, Jitka L. - Slingerlands, NY

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