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In the News: ABO Emeritus Director and Examiner Work to Study Genetic Eye Condition

American Board of Ophthalmology Emeritus Director Keith Baratz, MD, and Examiner Sanjay Patel, MD, of Mayo Clinic, were recently featured by Minneapolis television station KARE for their efforts to study and treat Fuchs' dystrophy, a swelling of the cornea that causes blurry and foggy vision.

The news broadcast told the story of two sisters who needed surgery following their Fuchs' diagnosis. Once their procedures were completed and their vision improved, their concern turned to their children since Fuchs' is a genetic condition. Both sisters have since become part of a 1,000-person Mayo-led study of the genetic defect that causes the majority of Fuchs' cases.

Fuchs' tends to be more common among people of Scandinavian descent, which affects the population of Minnesota greatly and women more severely, according to Dr. Baratz.

For more about Fuchs', and the work of Drs. Baratz and Patel, watch the video or read the full article.

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