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Phoenix Ophthalmologists Help Guide Oral Examination Improvements

On Tuesday, August 21, American Board of Ophthalmology Chief Executive Officer George B. Bartley, MD, met with diplomates and future Oral Examination candidates in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss ways to improve the Oral Examination for initial certification.

Participants toured several potential suite-based examination room layouts and offered their thoughts on ways the ABO could enhance the examination experience. From furniture configurations to table size and room lighting, attendees helped the ABO evaluate a wide variety of solutions for improving candidates’ comfort level while maintaining a professional atmosphere for the examination. The group also weighed in on the pros and cons of relocating the examination to Phoenix from cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, considering factors such as proximity, transportation, and cost.

Following a tour of potential examination room configurations, the group enjoyed dinner, where they continued to reflect on the Oral Examination process and share ideas for improving the candidate experience.

The Board thanks the following diplomates and candidates for their thoughtful participation and helpful guidance:

  • Yousef Cruz-Inigo, MD, Candidate

  • Robert Fintelmann, MD, ABO Examiner

  • Anne Floyd, MD, Candidate

  • Odette Houghton, MD

  • Leslie Kanda, MD

  • Kendra Klein-Mascia, MD

  • Henry Mark Kwong, MD

  • Neal Palejwala, MD

  • Joanne Shen, MD

  • Kevin Tozer, MD

  • Aileen Villareal, MD

Over the past two years, representatives of the ABO have met with small groups of ophthalmologists in more than two dozen cities to discuss issues on the minds of our diplomate community. The Board has covered patient safety priorities in Philadelphia and Maintenance of Certification policies in Michigan, along with technology challenges in Chicago and the transition from the DOCK to Quarterly Questions in Tampa, to name a few. If you have a suggestion for a meeting topic or would like the ABO to meet with diplomates in your city, please write to

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