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Report: Docs Spend More Time With Computers Than Patients

In a recent post for Forbes, author, physician, and behavioral scientist Peter Ubel writes about something that may be coming between you and your patients—your computer. He cites two studies that analyzed physician time. Both found results you may already expect—that doctors spend as much as half their working hours using EHRs and less than half their time on direct patient care. “Good medical care depends upon creating work environments that motivate clinicians to spend time with their patients,” he writes. Click here to read more.

Here are a few ways the ABO is working to reduce your time away from patient care:

  • A new, user-friendly website is coming in early 2018 to help you more quickly and conveniently manage your certification activities.

  • New offerings such as the IRIS® Registry-supported quality improvement project option yield greater benefits with minimal or no data entry.

  • The attestation process for CME allows you to satisfy MOC requirements with a single click. You can even instantly transfer the CME you’ve already completed and catalogued from your AAO account to the ABO.

  • Travel to a testing center to complete a multi-hour examination has been replaced with shorter, more frequent bursts of questions delivered to your computer, tablet, or mobile device at your convenience.

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