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Do Physicians Need More Business Training?

This week, LinkedIn published a recent survey of 500 physicians in the United States. The findings suggested that doctors believe their training has not fully prepared them to address the “business of healthcare.” Healthcare news editor Beth Kutscher writes:

Physicians practicing in the United States complete four years of medical school and then spend several more years in residency and fellowship. But all that clinical training, they say, doesn’t prepare them for the realities of a career in medicine. Instead, they get limited experience with the business side of healthcare, and they don’t get the chance to see the many ways they can contribute to the healthcare system beyond direct patient care.

According to Kutscher, nearly half of survey respondents named skills in business and finance, productivity, and practice management as essential to their future success.

Are these findings true in ophthalmology? How important are non-clinical skills to your practice? Do you believe these competencies will one day become as important as clinical competencies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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