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Special Thanks to Our 2017 Exam Development Volunteers

September 6, 2017

Thank you to our 2017 Exam Development Volunteers for their work in developing and reviewing content for American Board of Ophthalmology assessments. The following diplomates have contributed to the Written Qualifying Examination (WQE), Oral Examination, Demonstration of Ophthalmic Cognitive Knowledge (DOCK) Examination, and/or the new Quarterly Questions pilot program. These volunteers will step away from their busy practices to travel to Philadelphia from September 14-17 to serve as subject matter experts in the review of new examination material.


Cataract Committee

Pratap Challa

Cynthia Chiu

Mary Daly

Robert Fish

Greg Katz

Yousuf Khalifa

Amy Lin

Saras Ramanathan

Chetan Soni

Brian Welcome


Comprehensive Committee

Chris Albanis

Thomas Beardsley

Sean Breit

Sherleen Chen

Francesca Giliberti

Vivian Lee

Robert Schultze

Gayle Shulman

Linda Tsai


Cornea Committee

Keith Baratz

Sarah Nehls

M. Soledad Cortina

Yassine Daoud

Sam Fulcher

Dan Johnson

Stella Kim

Cathy Newton

Sudeep Pramanik


Glaucoma Committee

Steven Gedde

Dale Heuer

Shane Havens

Vikas Chopra

Brian Flowers

Annette Giangiacomo

Mansi Parikh

Troy Tanji

Richard Ten Hulzen

Martha Wright


Neuro-Op Committee

Sophia Chung

Lanning Kline

Marie Acierno

Rudrani Banik

M. Tariq Bhatti

Byron Lam

Andrew Lee

Prem Subramanian


Oculoplastics Committee

Don Kikkawa

Deb Shetlar

Mark Alford

Cat Burkat

Andrew Eiseman

Mami Iwamoto

John Ng

Mike Yen

George Bartley


Pediatrics Committee

David Epley

Julia Stevens

Lou Blumenfeld

Anthony Johnson

Becky Leenheer

Evelyn Paysse

Paul Rychwalski

Dan Weaver

Matt Weed

Tammy Yanovitch


Refractive Intervention Committee

Doug Cameron

Ken Goins

Frank Bishop

Imtiaz Chaudhry

William Foster

Michael Fung

Richard Grostern

Paul Munden

Steven Shields

Ted Thall


Retina Committee

Andy Lauer

Nauman Chaudhry

Amy Chomsky

Michael Emerson

Dennis Han

Jaclyn Kovach

Daryl Kurz

Wen-Hsiang Lee

Tim Stout


Uveitis Committee

Esther Bowie

James Bolling

Edward Cherney

Courtney Crawford

J. Paul Dieckert

Paul Kurz

Ann Marie Lobo

Robert Rosa

Khalid Tabbara



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