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Voluntarily Recertified ABO Diplomate Offers Insights to Med Students About Choosing Ophthalmology

American Board of Ophthalmology Diplomate David H. Aizuss, MD, was the featured physician in a recent American Medical Association (AMA) Specialty Series called "Shadow Me,” which connects medical students with insights and advice directly from physicians about life in their specialties.

Dr. Aizuss, a California-based private practitioner who has been treating patients for 36 years, shared his typical work schedule, described both the challenges and rewards of ophthalmology, and discussed the impacts of the pandemic on the profession.

He also noted two skills every successful ophthalmologist needs. "Attention to detail and steady hands free of tremor are critical to be able to perform ophthalmic surgery," Dr. Aizuss said. "Good interpersonal relationships are also important. Patients return to you not because they know of your surgical skills or your keen intelligence, but rather your ability to form a connection with them by listening, projecting empathy, and caring about them and their families."

Click here to read the full AMA article.


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