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Research Grants Awarded to Support Population Health Studies in Ophthalmology

The American Board of Ophthalmology congratulates the three board-certified diplomates and one board eligible ophthalmologist who were recently awarded the Research to Prevent Blindness/American Academy of Ophthalmology Award for IRIS® Registry Research. The grant supports population-based studies in ophthalmology and blindness prevention. 

  • Prethy Rao, MD, assistant professor, Emory University, ABO diplomate. Dr. Rao will evaluate the rate at which children require cataract surgery following vitrectomy, which will help ophthalmologists counsel patients and their families regarding future expectations and coordinate future care among different subspecialties.

  • Adam Rothman, MD, assistant professor, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami, Board Eligible. Dr. Rothman will conduct a large-scale, population-based study to help understand the IOP-lowering effect of cataract surgery based on a patient’s age, race/ethnicities, co-morbidities, whether they have glaucoma, etc.

  • Karen Armbrust, MD, ophthalmologist, University of Minnesota, ABO diplomate. Dr. Armbrust will evaluate which treatment options are most effective in patients with different types of scleritis in order to determine which patients are at higher risk for worse outcomes.

  • Fasika Woreta, MD, assistant professor, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University, ABO diplomate. Dr. Woreta will quantify the real-world rate of CME to identify factors associated with the development of vision loss as well as best practices for treating this condition.

For more, read the announcement by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


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