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Journal Highlights its Participation in Quarterly Questions

Survey of Ophthalmology has updated its website to promote its participation in the article-based component of the American Board of Ophthalmology’s Quarterly Questions program. The journal’s contribution to this year’s Quarterly Questions’ activity, “Clinical Decision-Making Heuristics and Cognitive Biases for the Ophthalmologist,” may be accessed here as one of the ABO’s core article options. The full list of article offerings from Quarterly Questions’ inception in 2017 through this year’s activity may be viewed here.

Each year, the ABO curates important “must-read” journal articles with an emphasis on timeliness, relevance, and the application of content mapped to everyday practice. Diplomates choose 5 articles that interest them and answer a total of 10 questions during Quarterly Questions’ quarter 3 question deployment. If 8 out of 10 article-based questions are answered correctly, an invitation to claim CME is provided. While the score of the article-based questions is not factored into the score achieved on the knowledge-based section, full completion of the article-based section (answering at least 10 questions) is required for completion of the Quarterly Questions activity.

In 2019, 42 articles spanning 14 unique specialty and subspecialty topics were offered to diplomates. Additionally, articles may be selected from patient safety and quality improvement specialty areas to satisfy Patient Safety and Improvement in Medical Practice requirements of ABO MOC. For ease of navigation, articles are sorted by subspecialty focus and specialty topic, and are made available free of cost to diplomates clicking through the provided article links within Quarterly Questions’ platform. The ABO plans to offer a comparable selection of article options as part of its 2020 activity, with content made available for advance review prior to the quarter 3 release of questions on January 1st.

The ABO thanks Survey of Ophthalmology in addition to all its participating journals for making Quarterly Questions a success in 2019. Information regarding ABO’s 2020 Quarterly Questions platform will be revealed shortly.

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