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Event: Establishing Clinician Well-Being as a National Priority

In addition to requiring the right knowledge, skills, and experience, the delivery of high-quality patient care depends on having a healthy, productive, and engaged physician workforce. For any diplomates interested in contributing to the conversation on clinician well-being, the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, an initiative of the National Academy of Medicine, will host a public meeting in Chicago from May 28-29, 2019. A live webcast of the meeting will also be available. The event will feature expert panels on issues related to redesigning the clinical learning environment. Registration is free.

Click here for more event details and registration instructions.

The meeting will aim to:

  • Explore what we value as health care professionals and how to change culture by focusing on human connection along with productivity and efficiency to do the best for our patients and ourselves

  • Consider the clinical learning environment as an ecosystem that includes inter-professional health students, trainees, and practitioners across disciplines and specialties

  • Elevate areas of agreement around redefining well-being, identity formation, and professionalism as clinicians embracing team-based care with a culture of respect

  • Highlight drivers of challenges to clinician well-being in the clinical learning environment and propose systems-level solutions for improving well-being including leadership approaches

  • Emphasize the tension and linkage between the learning and working environment

  • Use an appreciative inquiry philosophy to create environments and cultures that nurture discussions throughout the developmental journey of a clinician and across clinical professions

  • Elevate the areas that bring clinicians’ joy, pleasure, and meaning in the professional and learning environments

For more information and meeting resources, please visit our event page. A full agenda can be found here. Please join our mailing list for updates. #ClinicianWellBeing

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