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Thank You, Florida Diplomates

In early May, diplomates in Orlando and Tampa, Florida joined representatives from the ABO to discuss opportunities for the future of the Quarterly Questions program. The ABO thanks our colleagues for their willingness to tell us what’s working—and what still needs work—in our newest assessment program and the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program overall:

  • Jonathan Adler, M.D.

  • Jasmina Bajric, M.D.

  • Lisa Chriss, M.D.

  • Matthew Cunningham, M.D.

  • Payman Haft, M.D

  • Robert Howard, M.D.

  • Gokul Kumar, M.D.

  • Joshua Mali, M.D.

  • Jaime Membreno, M.D.

  • Javier Perez, M.D.

  • Donald Perez, M.D.

  • Oren Plous, M.D.

  • Karl Waite, M.D.

  • A.J. White, M.D.

We look forward to meeting with other diplomates throughout the summer and rolling out more peer-driven improvements in 2019.

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