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ABO Participates in ACGME Review Committee for Ophthalmology

Members of American Board of Ophthalmology leadership participated in the ACGME Review Committee for Ophthalmology held January 4-5, 2018. ACGME Review Committees meet twice annually to conduct accreditation review and discuss other matters pertaining to education in the specialty. Pictured from left to right:

  • Kathleen Quinn-Leering, Ph.D., ACGME Executive Director for Ophthalmology Review Committee (RC)

  • Jenny Campbell, M.A., Associate Executive Director for Ophthalmology RC

  • George B. Bartley, M.D., ABO CEO and RC Member Ex-Officio

  • Bhavna Sheth, M.D., ABO Vice Chair and RC Member

  • Andy Lauer, M.D., ABO Director and Ophthalmology RC Vice Chair

  • Sophia Chung, M.D., ABO Director and RC Member

  • Joel Schuman, M.D., Ophthalmology RC Chair

  • John Potts, M.D., ACGME Senior Vice President for Surgical Accreditation

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