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ABO Director Jane Bailey Addresses Unconscious Bias in JAMA Blog

Jane Bailey, M.D.

How can well-meaning physicians minimize unconscious bias, asks American Board of Ophthalmology Director Jane Bailey, M.D., in a blog post for JAMA’s Topics in Ophthalmology:

More than one-fourth of practicing US physicians are foreign born. Many others are offspring of immigrants. Many of these individuals had training overseas before entering a US program. Because of visa requirements, IMGs often work in rural areas or underserved communities. By 2025, we will be facing a shortage of 46,000 to 90,000 physicians. Increasing visas to admit more international trainees appears to be an uphill battle in the current political climate. Care quality and access will likely suffer if the United States becomes a less welcoming place to train and work.

Share your feedback for Dr. Bailey below, or visit the Topics in Ophthalmology blog for the full the post:

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