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Pilot Opportunity: Turn Insights into Opportunities with a Registry-Based QI Project

If you use the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s IRIS® (Intelligent Research in Sight) Registry, you receive detailed monthly reports about your performance based on clinical quality and quality improvement measures. But what do you do with this data after you’ve reviewed it? Do you file it away? Do you track it? What if there was any easy way to act on it, using your personalized information to make meaningful improvements in your practice while receiving MOC credit at the same time?

The ABO is pleased to launch a new pilot program to test the viability of using the data supplied through the IRIS Registry dashboard to create custom quality improvement projects. This activity would serve as an alternative to completing a standardized Practice Improvement Module (PIM).

Interested diplomates are invited to design a practice improvement activity based on the 15 clinical quality measures and 6 quality improvement measures reported monthly to participants of the IRIS Registry. Diplomates can use the monthly reports to identify areas for improvement, set specific goals for each measure, outline the steps (changes in care delivery processes) to achieve these goals, and evaluate success by analyzing the subsequent monthly performance reports.

Use of the monthly measures reports from the IRIS Registry requires no manual data entry and promotes real-time self-evaluation at the time of initial data review and at the conclusion of the improvement project. Use of the data in the IRIS Registry also allows physicians to compare their performance against peers, allowing for prioritization of improvement activities.

The ABO is looking for 20 participants to work on the pilot, which is open now through September 30. Applications are accepted at any time by clicking the link on your Status Page and are processed and reviewed on a monthly basis. The project review and approval lifecycle takes about 4-6 weeks from submission through approval. All approved, completed projects in this pilot will count for full MOC Part IV credit.

Click here to learn more about the pilot

Click here to access your Status Page and submit an application

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