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Get to Know Public Director Scott Wallace, Patient Experience Pioneer

American Board of Ophthalmology Public Director Scott Wallace, JD, MBA, is the managing director of the Value Institute for Health and Care at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. In collaboration with Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD, a leading expert on value creation and its integral role in improving service delivery in health care, Wallace teaches workshops on value-based health care delivery using a new case model they developed together for researching the patient experience.

Wallace's pioneering work on developing patient experience groups was recently highlighted in The Wall Street Journal.

Wallace and Teisberg are co-authors of a forthcoming book on excellence and empathy in medical care.

Who are the Public Directors of the Board?

The American Board of Ophthalmology has two non-physician Public Directors who represent the voice of patients and the public. In addition to Wallace, quality improvement scientist Matthew E. Fitzgerald, DrPH, is currently on the Board. Though Public Directors do not participate in the development of examinations, they weigh in on policy and program development decisions, and contribute decades of expertise in areas such as governance, quality improvement, patient safety, and the transformation of health care delivery. Past Public Directors have included Christine W. McEntee, MHA, CEO of the American Geophysical Union, and Suzanne T. Anderson, MBA, President of Virginia Mason Medical Center and EVP of Virginia Mason Health System.

Photo: Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD, and American Board of Ophthalmology Public Director Scott Wallace, JD, MBA, featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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