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Pilot Opportunity: Quarterly Questions

An exploratory pilot program for knowledge assessment, Quarterly Questions is exactly what it sounds like--questions delivered via computer, tablet, or mobile device on a quarterly basis.

Officially launching in April 2017, the ABO-administered exam alternative pilot will consist of 20 questions delivered in Q2, 20 questions in Q3, and 10 questions in Q4 based on self-selected articles from ophthalmology's leading journals. Content will be based on the most important things ophthalmologists see and do every day.

Quarterly Questions participants will have 60 seconds to answer each question, and can choose to answer questions one at a time, in small batches, or all in one sitting. Following each response, immediate performance feedback will be displayed, along with links to related learning resources. In addition, diplomates will be asked to evaluate the relevance of each question and provide their feedback on the content.

Diplomates who successfully complete the 2017 pilot will be eligible to use this activity in place of the Core Module of their next DOCK Exam. If the pilot proves successful, Quarterly Questions may ultimately replace the DOCK.

Log into your Diplomate Status Page to check out the Quarterly Questions article options, or click here to learn more about how to pilot the Quarterly Questions activity.

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