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Standard Setting Update: Your First 100 Cups of Coffee

Thank you to the following diplomates (and to all those who did not enter their names) for completing the Job Analysis Survey. Please check your email (and possibly your junk mail folder) to retrieve your Starbucks e-card notification.

The Job Analysis Survey is being conducted to update the knowledge standards used to assess board certified ophthalmologists. This survey is the first of many Co-Design activities in which diplomate input will be used to develop the certification program of the future.

Dr. Emerick

Dr. Hwang

Dr. Starr

Dr. Ohlstein

Dr. Quiros

Dr. Wu

Dr. Hemmati

Dr. Kang

Dr. Tewari

Dr. Wesley

Dr. Snyder

Dr. Burton

Dr. Lyu

Dr. Bert

Dr. Angle

Dr. Chin Yee

Dr. Adrean

Dr. Gushchin

Dr. Crnic

Dr. Amin

Dr. Plous

Dr. Lee

Dr. Kaushal

Dr. White

Dr. Hulseberg

Dr. Ying

Dr. Koo

Dr. Kitzmann

Dr. Wang

Dr. Mehta

Dr. Sackel

Dr. Olson

Dr. Wang

Dr. Cirino

Dr. Merriam

Dr. Reese

Dr. Mittelstaedt

Dr. Lewis

Dr. Tehrani

Dr. Birdi

Dr. Lichtenstein

Dr. Moss

Dr. Taylor

Dr. Greene

Dr. Brit Saetre

Dr. Howard

Dr. Rudo

Dr. Salvin

Dr. Kishore

Dr. Gilwit

Dr. Thuente

Dr. Vazquez Diaz

Dr. Adams

Dr. Nanji

Dr. Greninger

Dr. Chang


Dr. Cho

Dr. Nottage

Dr. Mojica

Dr. Giliberti

Dr. Kerchner

Dr. Olson

Dr. O'Dea

Dr. Husney

Dr. Damani

Dr. Brown

Dr. Krantz

Dr. Jessica

Dr. Northam

Dr. Marks

Dr. Gautreau

Dr. C. Nieto

Dr. Campbell

Dr. Adams

Dr. Cecil

Dr. Gabrielle

Dr. David

Dr. baker

Dr. Julia

Dr. Sarah

Dr. Jungschaffer

Dr. Campbell

Dr. Adams

D. Lenart

Dr. Malek

Dr. Antoszyk

Dr. Ekdawi

Dr. Allison

Dr. Brumm

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