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Co-Design: A Diplomate-Powered Partnership for Changing Board Certification

In 2017, you'll hear a lot about "Co-Design." An initiative that reflects the Board's commitment to community and collaboration in board certification, Co-Design will provide a range of opportunities for diplomates to shape the future of certification programs and processes.

Co-Design is an approach to change that involves all stakeholders as partners--not just participants--to ensure the end result meets their needs.

Co-Design programs have been used successfully in a number of industries including software design, architecture, and manufacturing. This approach has also been used in medicine to create environments that are more responsive and more appropriate to the needs of each community.

Through ABO Co-Design, the Board will:

  1. EMPOWER practitioners, patients, and other certification stakeholders to engage in direction-setting activities.

  2. EXPLORE ideas for improvement by mining physician experiences and stakeholder insights. As part of the process, the Board will host live Diplomate Experience Groups, administer surveys, and offer webinars on a variety of certification topics.

  3. DEFINE evidence-based, community-driven standards for professional achievement in ophthalmology. Your feedback will determine what it means to be a board certified diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology

  4. DEVELOP goal-oriented learning, assessment, and improvement programs that are relevant, rewarding, and respectful of physician time and expertise. Pilot programs will begin to launch in the second quarter of 2017.

  5. TRANSFORM ideas into action by co-building a certification program valued by diplomates and embraced by the public.


A detailed list of Co-Design activities and opportunities will be published on January 6, but you can get started today by completing the Job Analysis Survey to determine future examination and assessment content. This survey is open to all diplomates through December 31.


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